Dreams 2021

19 de Enero de 2021

Since the pandemic hit us, our presence in Africa has been summed up through dreams. We took over the dream to sponsor 12 girls and boys with their education, and with an amazing and selfless response they were sponsored concern and care. We believe in short-term dreams that remains in time and don´t fade, which gives meaning to our presence in Africa in among the local needs. 

In a future not too far away, we dream with our 2021 volunteers, to accompany the astonishment, to listen and read tales, the joy and feelings that are told from there. However, the dream is built from the commitment that each of them has from the local, that is why we dream with volunteers who are committed from Chile.

The dreams are part of our foundation, and there are dreams that have taken years, like the contribution certificates so companies with social meaning can also accompany us to keep growing. A dream that consolidates our view, that without Chile there is no Africa. 

This 2021, we believe in shared dreams, since is the only way in which they will become true along our partners, volunteers and the great African people. “What is essential is invisible to the eye”, like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in his book “The Little Prince”, is a reminder to never stop dreaming. It is what gives us the chance to possibilities, not just to find immediate solutions, but more important, to understand the problem, to solve it and learn. 


Rodrigo Mercado C.

January 2021


Un escenario exótico

Un escenario exótico

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