Andrea Sanzana Lobos

8 de Enero de 2021

The perception of time is faster, every day we are more involved in the system, where most of the day and week is worked. The demand overcomes the limits, people are less tolerant and less untrusting. 


After a decade of working as a nurse, working in the hospital area, the last 6 years in the critical patient unit has been a daily high demand, which has allowed me to develop professionally, taking care and helping those who are in need. Facing these two motives, it comes a moment to stop and decide to change the direction of my life, to keep helping but now from a different lane. I feel that is the moment to deliver or give back everything that life has given me, to people who need more from us, which makes me decide to go to Africa. 


Besides, I have the fortune to share this dream with my boyfriend Javier, a volunteer of Africa Dream, who also enjoys, in a selfless way, to help those in need. I hope to give the best of me, the desire to serve, teach and learn from other African communities, it strongly moves me, to establish new bonds from firsthand to know these ethnics groups. 


(Ethiopia Volunteer)