Viviana Zambrano

Directora Fundación Africa Dream

Over the month of September in Chile we experiment a stimulation of national symbols, of programs
that show us the traditions of different places of our country and while September 18 th , our national
holiday, gets closer the music on the radio turns into tunes and cuecas (music of national dance) and we
start to remember our childhood, dances, empanadas and games. Maybe the foreign people look at us
with amazed eyes and without understanding much. Nevertheless, they sense that “all of this” matters.
Those same eyes are the ones when we travel and face different customs holidays from other realities,
the same expressions of curiosity of our volunteers in Africa show when they are facing to cultural
demonstration of customs that are different from our experience.
In Africa Dream, we know that the rituals and cultural practices of each community, which we interact
has a value to them, and we connect with that sense, empathizing and embracing that difference.
Sometimes it is not easy and it challenges our mental models. That is the moment when we invite our
volunteers and ourselves to connect with a dimension that makes us “one”: as human beings we seek to
express what we feel, to celebrate and be happy.
To connect with that common spirit from humanity, that it is in our DNA and comes from our ancestors,
thousands of generations ago, it makes us brothers in essence of everyone who inhabits this planet. And
in families, the ancestors are honored and the customs are respected, we ask about the sense by putting
ourselves in their shoes. As volunteers, we do that in the places where we are taken, to create a better
reality, and we honored their traditions and the planet with our Big Family.