The time to make important decisions for our country is coming. Every person that is part of this great community will decide the path we want to take to move forward. There is no space for individuality, everyone is needed. Individuality or the lack of being a community caused us to disconnect from each other, they made us avoid solving the problems that became present. We prioritize our personal interest and we postpone solutions in search of the common good.

This makes me contemplate my experience as a volunteer in the province of Limpopo, in South Africa. I noticed how important the Tsonga tribe is, how important it is to belong to a community. They made me feel like I was part of their tribe, of their people; they made me understand that both man and women cannot live isolated. Isolation means to take a step back, but now that we are together, it means we are stronger and we are growing. In consequence, the more cohesive our country is, the better outreach we will have for development. 

To be able to achieve this, we have to make a commitment first, for the common goal. We need to be resilient and of course, to be respectful to others. Without this, we cannot move forward together.

This grand community made of diverse citizens who are equal in rights, has the main duty to be a part of the democratic process; an unprecedented fact in our independent history: to decide if we want to maintain or to rewrite a new constitution.

There are processes that the Constitution will not stop, like the globalization of society in all its forms or the technological revolution. Both of them break barriers that seemed too difficult to break and they have contributed to democratizing the access to knowledge. On the other hand, it exposes and challenges us in other problems that we weren’t used to, like immigration and the emergence of pandemics.

Whichever the result is next October, we have to uphold it, we must sit to listen and talk about it. It will not be an easy process, but we have to contribute wisely and with patience. We cannot remain disconnected; we must collaborate in the search of a prized unity that will make us all feel part of this great tribe. 


Ignacio Vilches