Francisca Vergara
Kenya 2011-2012

I was exactly one year in Africa, in my case I was in Kenia. The people who live there have
little, but they are very happy. It’s like they don’t need material things, maybe it is because
they are rich in spirit, and that is what matters. There are other basic needs that we take
for granted, and I wanted to experiment all of that face to face.
During my experience, I developed an empowerment project with young people who
were living in the street; we build a henhouse. It was their idea and it turned out to be
their little business, which also helped them to rejoin with the community, considering
that they are an outcast group for the society.
My biggest learning of all of this experience is to live happily with what we have, and leave
beside our pessimistic feelings since there is so much to smile for. This experience left a
mark in my professional life, and also changed how I use to see life. For example, the way
of how I live my daily life, and being kind to the people (whoever it is) is not that hard. I
realized how lucky am I and how important is to live the moment, make the most of the
hours that we have in this world by doing something that fills you spiritually because
money is not everything.
To those who want an experience with Africa Dream, my advice is that every moment,
take it as it comes. You will be going to a continent where everything is completely
different. I also recommend to say “I love you” more often, many people would say that is
not necessary, but it is. Lastly, share with the people who matters and makes you happy,
be surrounded by those who fill your soul. Over that year in Africa, plenty of those “ghost
friends” disappear on the way.