Karla Jiménez
Africa Dream Director

I would like to start this reflection by quoting Nelson Mandela, a phrase that we
have nowadays in our social media: “Without language, one cannot talk to
people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations”.
We have been going through a tough situation in our country, and I would like to
focus on this matter in the following text.
In life, not everything is black or white, and I believe that we always should put
ourselves in someone else’s place, besides, our expectations are not always
what we hope. And that is why I would like to dedicate this message to every
volunteer who wants to go and work for Africa because at the moment that I
decided to take off, I had many thoughts in my mind and realities that I had
imagined. But in the end, I decided that I did wanted to contribute and I was
willing to adapt to every situation, and it was like that.
I travel by myself to a country that I didn’t know with what I will run into, nor how
the people, children, and situations that a was going to live, would be like. And
thanks to that, by hard, it was the best experience in my life. I think that having
an open mind to accept and see the positive side of every situation, is my main
advice to every volunteer who is going to Africa. Since there are plenty of
realities that are better that you expect, but there are others that don’t.
However, to take that positivism and see the kindness of each person who
crosses my path, it is impossible not to be thankful for every lesson.

For all that, I truly hope that every volunteer, as every Chilean that today is going through a
tough situation in our country, can respect, adapt, empathize and put themselves in someone
else’s place before taking a position, giving an opinion, or feel something. I believe that most of
the people who are in the streets, just like every volunteer who wants to go and is in Africa, we
dream of a fairer world for us and the next generations.