The workshop for prenatal education oriented to migrant women who reside in Concepción was made, the main objective was to inform about the health system that operates in our country and how important health check-ups are for pregnant women.   

The workshop took place in the Urban Station premises, Africa Dream’s strategic ally in Concepción, who have contributed with the necessary space for the making of these meetings and workshops. 

 The lecture was given by Yahaira Salgado, resident in Obstetrics in Universidad San Sebastián, who perform as a volunteer in our team since last year. 

She says the following: “What motivates me to make this prenatal workshop is to teach migrant women who live in Chile, all the benefits that the government ensures, in addition to the benefits for that developing girl or boy. It is very important to include this community to this type of citizens (prenatal) because in their home countries they do not have this kind of check-ups or benefits nor do they have midwives, therefore they do not go to cesfam to get a check-up. This has turn into a challenge for the field in our territory. When the first workshop was made, I was very comfortable; I tried to use a simple language to explain the proceedings that were to be done when they went to CESFAM to get a check-up on their pregnancy. I did it with a lot of love and dedication and I hope I was able to reach out to them and that the second they know they are expecting they will know what to do”.    


Some of the attendants said the following:


Madeleine Redondo, along with her partner, Isaac Muñoz, both from Venezuela said: “We think is a very good workshop, the way it was made, how instructive it was, he doubts and myths that were solved, things that we did not know about and what we didn’t know about regarding the support we could find in different CESFAM centers and check-ups that they provide”. 

Hinetide Louissant, from Haiti, who is actually 4 months pregnant: “I am very thankful for the workshop, it was very good and it was a chance to resolve any doubts about my pregnancy, and also the way the check-ups are made. I will look forwards to know when other workshops will take place”. 

Pablo Mellado, nurse, Regional Director for Africa Dream says: “As a team we are very happy with the result of this activity, the acceptance and hoe it reached people were very good. We met the objective fully in this first session and finally, there are two other workshops awaiting, these will be about education pre and post natal education; they will take place during the first weeks of October and we will give information about it through our social networks. We invite all migrant women who live in Concepción, that are currently pregnant