After 12 years spent in Chile, filled with cultural and job experiences, it is time to take one step further in the path of life and take on an adventure to Africa. I arrived in Chile in 2008 due to a job in a Spanish company that supplies equipment to the mining industry. After a long road through several companies in different mining processes and several mines in the north of Chile, the moment to take on another path towards new and rewarding challenges and experiences got here. 

Africa has always caught my attention because of its ancient culture and rituals that are still around in the XXI century, unconnected to the maelstrom of globalization. Also due to the great necessity of basic resources that rural zones have, like food and drinking water. The ultimate boost that I needed to make the choice to spend a period of my life in Africa came from Andrea, nurse by profession and my girlfriend. Her unwavering vocation to help others drives us to make the decision to go across the Atlantic to help those who need it most. 

We are waiting to be able to take on the Africa dream soon, when the global health situation allows us to travel safely so we can fulfill one of the most unforgettable dreams and experiences of life.

Javier Fresnillo