Magda tell us about you and how would you describe yourself
My name is Magdalena Aracena, I was born in La Serena city and because of
adoption reasons, I live in Santiago. I have been an English teacher for more
than ten years, I have worked with children, teenagers, and adults in different
educational areas. My interest to be part of a project in Africa appeared a few
years ago, but the circumstances of life are various until I finally met this
Chilean Foundation and nowadays I’m part of the volunteers. Personally what
characterizes more is my passion for living, the knowledge of several cultures
and a great love for nature.

What is your interest to carry out a voluntary work and why did you
choose Africa?
I think that my main interest is the necessity to be a contribution to the society.
And I chose to participate in this volunteer work, because I feel that my interest
in education and human relationship can be, somehow, a support to our
brothers in Africa.

What motivated you about Africa Dream Foundation?
Besides being a Chilean foundation, I think that we share the same ideals and
the mission that shows, it makes me feel part of a global community that
cooperates and benefits many people as much in Chile as in Africa.

What do you expect to accomplish/provide?
To contribute to society in a professional and personal manner, in the best way
possible and afterward to transmit this valuable experience in my country.

What message would you give to those who wants to go but they don’t
That they should take this risk in participating in this beautiful labor, that without
a doubt is going to be rewarding learning for present and future life.
What do you want to say to the partners from Africa Dream?
That they are the fundamental base so that Africa Dream can keep making this
beautiful labor and can live on, as much here in Chile with different activities for
the community as for our brothers in Africa.