Without a doubt, the pandemic has forced us to reinvent ourselves as a foundation, furthermore, to realize that no matter the circumstances we keep with all the desire, commitment, and energy to keep helping as much in Chile as in Africa. And with more conviction than ever, since sadly all this context has brought as consequence a growth in extreme poverty.

Every life through and experience invites us to reflect. Especially in this pandemic, which has caused a transformation in our interpersonal relationships, daily life, and social behaviors, consequently, invites us to question ourselves by the meaning that we want to give to everything that is happening with Covid-19 and think about. Thus, I believe that we as a foundation, we couldn’t miss this opportunity, and to see it as a moment to test self-learning, creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative work between everyone who is part of Africa Dream; volunteers, directors, partners, and contributors.

In the last six months, we have had the opportunity to assemble teams with different professionals, reaching to 6 projects for the more vulnerable areas of our country, and three more in process, which will be presented to the Social Development Ministry (Ministerio de Desarrollo Social).

If we focus in Africa, today we are working to present 2 projects to competitive funds as much for Kenia as Eswatini, centering on water wells, agriculture, and rehab of children with special needs. Besides, we have 12 eager volunteers waiting to depart to Kenia, Ethiopia, and Eswatini, as soon as there are conditions to travel. As Frank M. Snowden, an American history teacher and writer said a few months ago: “Crisis can persuade people that a different world can be created and imagined, urgently. And our bonds can be reimagined somehow that can be healthier, more equal and, also can save our planet”. 


Karla Jiménez