Gabriel Melo
Volunteer in Kenia

Africa… it is difficult to talk about it. Being almost in my fourth month in this beautiful continent, it is inevitable wanting to share my experience.

The first days, I define them as innocence time, where I find myself with a totally new and attractive world, they had fulfilled my soul. With frequency, I was moved, with only be in the presence of needed people, but despite of being in such conditions, they always returned a smile, the kind that not even one hundred selfies can get it.

Then, the time to get to work with my job in the organic farm started, which the name is “The 3000 Friends Farm”. The post-visit motivation was there, on the Samburu Lands, where all the missions are carried out and where the people, who the program is for lives, and with all the convictions rooted in me. The first period I dedicated myself to learn, trying to participate in all the daily chores involving the land. I learned about the animals, how to treat and deal with them. Also, I realized how hard is the manual work with the land, so much that I had learned to appreciate with admiration to the people who give their life to this noble profession.

On the other hand, on weekends, I had destined my free time to get familiar with the surrounding areas of big Nairobi, which has been very advantageous to meet new people and to be enrich with opinions and new ways to see the world. In the same way, and as long as the time was passing by, with the Chilean community in the country, we created bonds and moments to gather and remember our beloved homeland from the other side of the world.

Regarding to the realities that I have seen in these months, I can say that they have been diverse. On one hand, I had met the living conditions of the villages in the Samburu land, where is in the down town-north of the country: traditionalist people and very attach to their customs, people that had learned to laugh utmost even when they had the minimum. On the other hand, the big metropolis of Nairobi, comparable with our capital, where the social contrasts are surprising and the problems with the institutions are obvious, it often makes me think about what is ethically correct in a modern society.

However, despite of the culture shock, I wouldn’t change this experience for nothing. As long as the time pass by, Africa is showing me its beauty in the little details of everyday, giving me, in different moments, the opportunity to overcome myself and break my own schemes and boundaries, which is definitely helping me to grow as a person.

Likewise, the farm work has been a tremendous challenge. At least today, I’m calm knowing that we did everything we could, putting our hearts and energy to carry out this project, because we believe in the people that works with us, just like the growing of the Samburu people, who are our north, in every morning when we start the day.

Finally, I would like to thank Africa Dream Foundation, for the opportunity of being here and its constant concern for its volunteers on the field, as well, the Yamural Missioner Institute for accepting and including me as member of their community.