My name is Francisco Arrau, I am 29 years old and I have been married to Fran a little less than a month. I am a mechanical engineer and as such, I like engines, mechanisms, metallic structures and everything related to metal calls my attention, I am interested to know how things work. While I was in college I participated in the solar car project for four years and I believe that it describes my interests pretty well. 

I have been working as a development engineer for three years; I’ve been in two different companies, coming up with solutions that, somehow, make life easier for people. It motivates me to be able to design products that are useful, functional and that are long lasting, products that can make people happy and that are affordable.  

Fran has always told me, ever since we met five years ago, that she wanted to go to Africa, to be a volunteer, that it was her dream. We started dating and we agreed that when we were married were going to do a volunteering trip. And here we are! Married and in Africa. 

This is a continent that still has deep rooted needs; here there is hunger, malnutrition, people and kids die because of the lack of basic treatment, social and political problems, amongst others. I fell that we have a responsibility to take on these problems, that’s why we try to learn as much as possible, to see how we can help in a more efficient manner.  

Here, along with the community that welcomes us, we have a very concrete task, with the farm and the mission with the northern Samburu. It is very rewarding to arrive and be able to continue to work in a labor that one knows will continue through time, one with real effect. There is also the feeling that everything you do is nothing compared to the sea of needs that this continent has, that is why I want to learn, so that I can contribute in the best way possible, if not now then I will in the future.  

To every partner in Africa Dream, let me tell you that your contribution helps to accomplish a lot of tasks that are very important in Africa, so they can develop them and also maintain the ones that already running. Seeing the farm and how this makes an impact and helps improve the lives of the Samburu, one can realize how important the help is, literally, how vital it becomes.