Fran, tell us about you and how would you describe yourself
My name is Francisca Lechuga, I’m 24 years old and I am a Preschool teacher.
I think that I characterize myself for being a proactive person, who fights for
their beliefs and dreams. I love animals, nature and everything that involves
outdoor activities.

What is your interest to carry out a voluntary work?
To provide, from my professional and cultural resources to people who are
affected by high levels of inequality. My idea is to give the best of me, based on
my interactions and pedagogy in a positive environment to create an
interpersonal relationship of quality. It is proven, that the impact of learning
feelings and how you face life, in my point of view, love and respect towards
others it is something that must be taught (and delivered) since early in life.
Furthermore, I would love to know the looks and how other cultures understand
the world, creating a mutual learning in this exchange.

Why did you choose a volunteer work in Africa?
I have always heard that the living conditions in the African continent are not the
most favorable. Women and children are the ones who are more forgotten and
disadvantaged in terms of protecting their human rights. It comes to my
attention that inequality and injustice are marked by the place where we were
born. For this reason, I have the desire to provide in this situation from my
possibilities and vocation.

What motivated you about Africa Dream Foundation?
That is a straightforward Foundation and committed with its labor and
volunteers. They care to create a positive and friendly environment between
people, besides every detail of the process.

What message would you give to those who wants to go but they don’t
They should do it, to live this experience and loosen up, because that is what
life means, to give a step to new opportunities and experiences.
What do you want to say to the partners from Africa Dream?
That without them this wouldn’t be possible, that thanks to their contributions, us
volunteers we can carry out meaningful experiences.