Diego Rivera
Africa Dream Volunteer

At the end of September, the Africa Dream Foundation was present at
Kindergarten Crecer con Amor, located in San Ramon, Santiago. On this
occasion, unlike other activities carried out during this year, a Coaching was
organized with child specialists and technicians, where they were the main
participants in the activity.
This coaching was based on creating an instance for the Kindergarten’s staff so
that they could meet as on a personal level as much on a group level, also to
provide a space for the educators and technicians to bring up certain present
issues in the Institution. To create a path towards the work of these situations
with the final objective of a better work environment at the Kindergarten.
The activity summoned 19 people, as a whole Kindergarten’s members, which started
as a conceptual background indicating why this Coaching is being performed.
Afterward, 4 groups were formed to analyze 2 labor conflicts cases. Then, participants
expressed in a poster board “how they see their workplace”. Finally, a reflexive video
was shown and the corresponding conclusions of the Coaching from the educators and
As a Foundation, we feel that the last purpose of the activity was to start a path towards
a collaborative and quality work environment. We believe that this was possible
because the participants showed a great interest through the Coaching and expressed
their gratitude towards the Africa Dream Foundation.