Rodrigo Mercado
Executive Director

Our national context this year allows us to look at the Christmas holidays and New
Years with a new view. However, we are not only looking at them, reality invites us to
embrace it and live it from a new perspective. Although its message of peace and love
is still valid, this year this message presents itself highlighting shades of solidarity,
empathy and support.
Therefore, this Christmas beckons us to face what is happening, with necessities so
real that have been part of countless demands. On the other hand, a Christmas in
which business premises had not being able to dress their showcases to advertise their
products, just as mass media has been lacking propaganda. We could catalogue this as
a cautious and expectant holiday.
I remember my time in rural Africa for almost six years, where the celebration of
Christmas was related to music coming from the drums, the meals were shared and
simply understanding it as gratitude for life. I never saw a present when I was there,
one that would pass from hand to hand, or the invasion of mass media with their
“Christmas outbreak”.
The current reality in which we live today, demands of us to see Christmas in two
different ways. On the one hand, so we learn to understand the demands that come
from millions of people to have a better quality of life. On the other hand, it can be an
opportunity to have a more human oriented celebration, more like the African style,
where music, the closeness when gathering with others, sharing a meal and be
thankful for life can contribute so that this time Christmas can be more meaningful and
a very happy one!