Ignacio Vilches, Africa Dream Director

Being a volunteer is to remind that we are not alone as isolated individuals in
the world, but we are inserted in an environment, in a context, in where we can
provide our knowledge and experiences to others, but even more, is the selfless
delivery of your time to the benefit of others.
To give means to deliver without expecting something in return as a reward, but
just for the fact of the personal satisfaction of contributing to building a better
world. The birth of the volunteer work is an answer, that may be spontaneous or
not, to find a solution to a problem or necessity that affects others in our
community. There are many examples in today’s society of people who give
one part of them to others, some of them are so emblematic as a fireman, with
a volunteer work already institutionalized for over 150 years in the Chilean
history. As many others more contemporary such as Hogar de Cristo,
Coaniquem, Teletón, among other examples which had contributed to the
formation of our society.
For people who dedicated part of their time and effort to work for others, this
type of experience enriches them in every meaning. To be a volunteer has
many positive aspects, such as, to develop a greater social sensitivity, to
empathize with different realities from your own, to learn in a better way what
you have, and to create strong bonds with people; in other words, it gives a real
meaning to be part of a community.
Today’s circumstances that we are living as a country, now more than ever, as
a society we have to improve and develop the value of giving, through volunteer
work. All of us, without exclusion we can collaborate with time and knowledge,
engaging us to work together for a better society.